I will never use Thatch Xtreme Again!

“Why not?”, you may well ask. Let me explain:

I have to mention that my neighbour also previously made use of Johan Moller’s services. He never finished the job, and stopped communicating with her, not answering her calls. Later on, when he started to work here, he offered to complete the job with her, but she refused to have anything further to do with him.

We should have learnt from her experience, unfortunately we had to learn the hard way.

He has time, and time again, broken his promises.

In general there were so many frustrations!

It happened a few times that I would be waiting for the team to arrive, only to have to call Johan Moller to find out why they did not pitch. Many excuses were given … more than once I have emptied the lounge for the team to come in the following morning, only to find that they never arrived. I continuously had to call and find out what happened. Mostly he would say his staff did not pitch, I felt that later on Covert was the ideal scapegoat. At one stage he replied that he had been sick. Too sick to send a message?

Unfortunately communication seems to be a huge problem for Johan Moller, he did not keep us, his clients, informed of the schedule and I too often had to call him to try and find out where they were.

Another big problem was that Johan seldom showed his face. His workers would arrive in the morning, and leave on their own in the afternoon.

A skylight was installed.

Johan was seldom around during the process.

I felt that I literally had to be there all the time to supervise … initially the window was installed skew, I had to re-direct them, the grass on the sides were cut asymmetric, I had to direct them. Too much grass was cut from the top, they had to patch. I believe that, if he was here to supervise as he was supposed to, none of this would have happened.

They did not bring proper ladders and had to make use of ours as well, the inside workers worked under very dangerous circumstances as the ladders were not secure at the top (Johan actually told me that he planned to attach hooks to the ladders to secure them around the beams, which would keep them from slipping) and had to be held by another worker at all times, one slip would have brought them tumbling down.

I urged him to come and look at the progress, he did pop around a few times, and I was horrified that he was happy with obvious sloppy work.

He also undertook to test the waterproofing on the window after installation, which he never did. In the end the window turned out pretty great, no thanks to Johan Moller.

As part of our upgrading process, we decided to have the roof beams in our lounge and bedroom stained. Initially he described how he would bring a clear beam, along with some stains, which he will apply in order for me to be able to pick the colour I prefer. He stated that the job would take two days for the two rooms as he would bring in a full team for the job.

He never did what he said he would!

I continuously asked him to bring the stain, which he promised to do again and again. In the end he sent pictures of stain colours from which I had to choose. Which I did. Then again he undertook to come in and start with the painting. He never purchased the stain, there were just so many excuses from that point on.

I have numerous Whatsapp messages clearly indicating my frustrations with Johan Moller, as well as promises by him that were never kept.

In the end he turned the cards and accused me of being demanding, quite frankly, totally excused himself from any blame.

I never knew whether, or not they would arrive for work.. I often realised that, if I do not put pressure on him, the job will never be completed. I then started giving deadlines, telling him we will be getting visitors, as the job just dragged on and on.

I continuously asked him to speak to me and keep me informed, which he clearly had a problem with.

Unfortunately we pre-paid for all the work.

Johan Moller’s last response to me was quite offensive. He chose not to address the issues I had and, needless to say, never came in to finish the job.

He simply took our money and that was the end of it.

Marius Venter
Marius Venter
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