Good afternoon Marius

I too have a similar Johan Moller Vioni t/a Devine Thatch Projects

I paid my R6500 deposit to him on the 23rd December 2020 for a complete redo of my lapa and I’m still waiting for him to come out.

There is always an excuse with him about rain or another job or the grass.

Last week Saturday the 13th February 2021 I told him it’s ridiculous waiting 2 months to complete a 5m by 5m lapa and he assured me he is coming out this week and will do the fire treatment for free. I still haven’t heard or seen him.

I sent him a message yesterday the 21st February 2020 and told him to pay my deposit back and he read the whatsapp but never replied and still has to pay back my deposit.

Hi Marius

Ek sien vandag jou web blad en kan nie glo dis die selfde man wat ons bure so bedrieg het nie.

Hier is besinderhede, nie seker of jy dit alles het nie

Johannes Lodewikus Moller

Bly tans by XXX Dormie straat, Clubview
071 XXX 5728

Besigheid Naam is nou Devine Thatch projects

Hi Marius

I hope you are well.

Do you any information on this Johan Moller character.

His trying to scam me out of R1500 deposit that I paid him to do thatching.

Hi Marius

Just saw your site on Internet regarding Johan Moller (not sure how old it is), What I read about what other people say could have might as well be my story, he started with my Lapa took down the old grass broke down some of the construction and that was the last I’ve seen of him, it’s now more than 2 months received promises until last week, did not reply or read my messages. Promise he will be at your house at a certain date never pitch and you cannot get hold of him will maybe send you a message later the day with a stupid excuse.

He never pick up his phone will maybe answer with WhatsApp never reply on a Friday or weekends, since he started at my house he had Covid, bakkie broke down wife got sick child got sick, taxi strike and it never ends.

I’ve lost a lot of money with this guy and at this stage not sure what to do.

You can Publish my experience, It’s a pity I did not search on his name before, he changed the business name to Vioni 137 t/a Devine Thatch Projects.